By Mercedes Abella

Atávico is a solo show of Guerra that ventures, among other things, into mystery, the linking of generations and the creation of a language based on personal experiences which belong to all too.


There is no concept that claims to be white. The white related to the absence, antagonistic in its manifestation, is at the same time beginning, mourning and resurrection; conjunction. We exist made up of fortuitous confluences of visible-invisible bodies but, above all, indivisible bodies that correspond, fit together and flow at the fingertips grouped in their shapes and textures ”, Patricia Dalgo writes about the exhibition.


From her concrete subjectivity, Cinthia Guerra works textile techniques -sewing, embroidering, putting together- to materialize a network of discourses that each leave a mark on the stumbling of surfaces. Every seal, every trace, is a wound that is done and undone; a kind of generational pain that heals with each shared sign.


Grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters whisper in white a message that floods the home and brings news for future generations. In that white, in that transparent and objective visual communication, experience and fragility can be found at the same time. As in a deep swaying of threads and stories shared in mute exchange, the work exhibited in "Atávico" takes the viewer back in time to make them aware of the immensity of labyrinths traversed in darkness but which white now comes to renew.

Cinthia Guerra is a graduate of the Visual Arts career at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. Her artistic work addresses different questions in relation to the family, past and future generations; to the relationships that are woven in it, the constant search for home and the roles that women play in all areas of her life. One of these areas is her role as her mother, which has led her to inquire about aspects related to education.

Another is pedagogy (Arteducarte, 2011-present). The curiosity to learn more about different pedagogical techniques has led her on different paths that little by little have become life experiences that have enriched her as a person. Throughout these years of work in education, she understood that play, both in the classroom and in her own artistic projects, is the most important thing in these learning processes.