Casa Fugaz | Arte de Convivir (Monumental Callao) inaugurated the collective exhibition Under Construction. Latin America Narratives in the CIFO Collection. Conceived by the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), the exhibition presents artworks by eighteen Latin American artists awarded by the CIFO Grants and Commissions Program.

Suwon Lee, instalación "The Clash" (El Choque), 2008. Ph: CIFO.

Under the curatorship of the CIFO team, the collective exhibition of Latin American art takes place until July 27, during the course of the Contemporary Art Festival -Art.MO 2019- developed by Casa Fugaz | Art of Living. The extensive list of artists exhibited includes names such as Julieta Aranda (Mexico), Iván Argote (Colombia), Fredman Barahona (Nicaragua), Carlos Castro (Colombia), Silvia Gruner (Mexico), Suwon Lee (Venezuela), Felipe Meres (Brazil), Maria Evelia Marmolejo (Colombia), Marta Maria Pérez Bravo (Cuba / Mexico) and Horacio Zabala (Argentina).

In relation to CIFO’s proposal, Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, founder of the organization, said: "We want to invite the public to see a small sample of our many years of work on our mission to promote Latin American art. With this exhibition, CIFO offers a representation of the essence of Latin America, its culture and its stories." With this exhibition, CIFO offers a representation of the essence of Latin America, its culture and its histories ". In addition, Sonia Cunliffe, director of Fugaz | Arte de Convivir highlighted the importance of the CIFO collection within the framework of the Art.MO 2019 festival, bringing together "diversity of languages ​​and forms" that make the contemporary Latin American scene.



Fugaz | Arte de Convivir

Fugaz | Arte de Convivir is a sociocultural initiative that creates community and recovers public spaces through art, innovation and social management in Monumental Callao, a historic and heritage zone of the first port of Peru that was taken by violence for years. Fugaz offers a place of coexistence between its creativity and environment where there are no distinctions for skin color, religion, socio-economic level, sexual orientation or any other consideration. A place where the community is the source of inspiration to create and to live again with hope, helping each other and learning from those interactions.