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During her passage through Buenos Aires, Marina Abramovic talked about her beginnings as a performance artist, her relationship with death, and the artistic experiences that left the strongest imprint on her in an interview for Arte al Día International.

Museum Exhibitions

Guggenheim Museum, New York

There is no history without memory. Memory needs to be recalled, reshaped, and reconstituted. Doris Salcedo’s first major retrospective, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and showing at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, accomplishes exactly this.

Featured video

Buenos Aires Photo 2015

Featured video

Pinta Miami 2014


  • Jack Shainman gallery. New York

    Yoan Capote’s Collective Unconscious inhabits binary spaces. Two galleries of work explore two seemingly contradictory themes—physical and mental suppression, and human resilience.

  • PAMM. Miami

    Eugenio Espinoza: Unruly Supports (1970-1980) constitutes a rigorous exhibition that embarks the viewer on an exploration of Eugenio Espinoza’s (San Juan de los Morros, 1950) radical proposal. Curated by Jesús Fuenmayor, the exhibition is composed for more than fifty works that include paintings, photographs, sculptures, postcards and documentations of performances and interventions,

  • Fundación Klemm. Buenos Aires

    Amadeo Azar’s (Argentina, 1972) watercolors and Jorge Miño’s (Argentina, 1973) digital photographs converge in the utilization of a geometric language in Los Restos del Triunfo, a show featured at Fundación Jorge F. Klemm


Basualdo’s Biennial

Sitting in a pub in Buenos Aires in mid-July, the 56th Venice Biennial seems an already distant event. This edition is, however, an important one for the Argentine art scene, which it will be worth revisiting for further information and definition of stances regarding the work of the three artists from this country who were invited to participate in the exhibition All the World’s Futures, curated by Okwui Enwezor.

A possible hypothesis on Matías Duville’s present

The same day that I began writing this text, I saw on a video featured by an online Argentine newspaper, a TransAsia Airways plane cross a Taipei highway with a wing pointed towards the ground and another towards the sky, destroy the front of a taxi and crash on a river.

Political Sightings in a Photographic Process

Since his emergence in the visual arts scene, the photographer Roberto Huarcaya (Lima, 1959) has distinguished himself by the ambition of his projects, in which photography has often been associated with other creative mediums in very solid combinations that have elicited intense responses from different audiences.

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