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  • Ciudad de La Laguna, Tenerife.

    The exhibition El Dibujo Fuera de Sí: Tríptico de Venezuela (1970-2014) will be held from July 11 through September 21 at the Sala de Arte of Instituto de Canarias Cabrera Pinto, La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain).

  • Galería Casa Triângulo and Galería Raquel Arnaud, Sao Paulo.

    The year 2014 is a year of celebrations in Sao Paulo. Besides the opening of the FIFA World Cup, the city of Sao Paulo celebrates its famous Art Biennial and the tenth anniversary of its SP Arte fair, establishing itself as one of the not­to­be­missed appointments in the calendar of the Latin American art circuit.

  • August 21st to 31th in Parque Cultural Huanchaca

    In a context where the desert is a geographic reality as much as a metaphor in terms of the scene, the Week of contemporary Art or SACO is instated as a unique event in a national level, as a decentralizing statement that also projects the north of Chile internationally.

  • Curators Alejandra Aguado and Solana Molina Viamonte opened with Móvil a modality of management which to date was not known in Argentina. The project was launched with the exhibition Termo by Irina Kirchuk at CheLA, an industrial building of Parque Patricios.

  • Lygia Clark (1920-1988) has been a central figure in Brazilian culture since the 1950s. Her career followed a radical trajectory from abstract geometric work on canvas and paper to participatory works and experiential installations. During the early 1960s, Clark abandoned painting and collage in favour of interactive sculptures, including the Bichos [Creatures].

Museum Exhibitions

Airmail Paintings in exile scattered throughout the world; a mural in the form of a big puzzle made of tourist brochures and magazines; visual cacophony generated by a terrifying urban development; violence transmuted into song.


Playfulness –in its most genuine and lighter expression, yet one that is capable of shaking our world imaginaries – is, like the shadow of Pablo León de la Barra, the new Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative Curator of Latin American Art, inseparable from his figure. An invaluable advantage for the contemporary art of the region, which he will bring to the iconic New York museum during his two-year residency.

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  • Galería Paralelo, Sao Paulo

    For some time, we had been hoping to see in Sao Paulo one of its great artists, who has been living in Berlin for over 20 years.

  • Marine Veilleux, Paris

    At first glance, the pencil drawings by Daniel Otero Torres (Bogotá, 1985) elicit joy and fill the viewer with wonder.


Beyond the vernacular-artistic manifestations that strive to understand what is produced in and from the Caribbean as an eclectic amalgamation of ancestral and cultural links, the work of artist Zilia Sánchez (1926) has developed amidst notions of rupture, which have a long tradition in the modern and contemporary art production of Latin America.

Enrique Martínez Celaya’s summer 2013 exhibition at SITE Santa Fe follows a 2011-12 installation of Schneebett (2004) at the Miami Art Museum, and provides an opportunity to survey his career.

Between Drawing as Action and Drawing as Interaction

For many of the people who are part of the field of art, the first artistic project that Nicolás Paris publicly inscribed in the world was the book Doblefaz, published in 2008.

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