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  • La exposición “En Abstracto - Exposición con Motivo de la Donación de Fanny Sanín” consiste en nueve obras de gran formato donadas por Sanín más once obras de colecciones privadas y de museos. La donación hace parte del Proyecto del Legado de Fanny Sanín que busca que algunas de sus obras sean adquiridas por museos y colecciones importantes en el mundo.

  • London, October 26-29, 2015

    At AICA International’s Congress in London, on the initiative of the Secretariat and supported by the Awards Commission, the association will present art historian, critic and curator, Sarah Wilson with the AICA Honorary Award for Distinguished Contribution to Art Criticism. Professor Wilson is awarded for her contribution to scholarship and criticism, as well as for her advancement of transcultural intellectual exchange, a founding ideal of AICA.

  • The Latin American Photographic Archive, FoLa, is opening its doors in Argentina on Friday, October 9, 2015. Founded by Gastón Deleau, this new space devoted to international photography owns a collection that includes over 250 works, most noteworthy among them those by artists Doris Salcedo, Vik Muniz, Alfredo Jaar, Alexander Apóstol, Graciela Iturbide, Roberto Huarcaya, Javier Silva, Gastón Ugalde, Marcos López, Nicola Costantino, Esteban Pastorino and Luis González Palma, among many others.

  • Este domingo la creadora inaugurará Post-pretérito, en el Centro Cultural Chacao, con al menos 30 piezas entre instalaciones, telas pintadas o intervenidas, video-arte, esculturas de tela y cortinas que dan un recorrido por la constitución interna de las personas.

  • Y.ES is a 170-page hardcover book that examines contemporary Salvadoran art through a series of interviews conducted by Claire Breukel and Simón Vega.

  • Within the context of itinerant project ungloborojo in colaboration with La Cúpula art gallery and medialab are presenting the next exhibition opening august 8th of the visual artist, teacher and architect Margarita Marino Nores called EXPLORA.

  • Peter Emanuel Goldman was a celebrated filmmaker of the underground cinema and the only American link to the French New Wave during the sixties.

Museum Exhibitions

Guggenheim Museum, New York

There is no history without memory. Memory needs to be recalled, reshaped, and reconstituted. Doris Salcedo’s first major retrospective, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and showing at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, accomplishes exactly this.


Agustín Pérez Rubio, Buenos Aires

Agustín Pérez Rubio (Valencia, 1972) recently took office as Artistic Director of Malba (Museum of Latin American Art, Buenos Aires). This interview explores Pérez Rubio’s vision of Argentine art from a propositional perspective.

Featured video

Buenos Aires Photo 2015

Featured video

Pinta Miami 2014


  • Cecilia Brunson Projects, London

    Beatrix Potter was an English scientist and illustrator who investigated the reproduction and taxonomy of fungi. In spite of her having developed important biological-reproductive theories, her scientific work could never be carried out professionally for reasons of gender.

  • Rolf Art, Buenos Aires

    The exhibition México, featuring works by the notable photographer Adriana Lestido (Argentina, 1955) at Rolf Art, displays two impressive and beautiful photographic essays, developed in Mexican territory in 2010. The interview México – which lends its title to the exhibition – is the product of an invitation from the Mexican photographer and curator Patricia Mendoza, to capture photographs of forest areas on the occasion of the International Year of Forests.

  • Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires

    An impressive topography of tamped down asphalt showing reliefs and planar areas extends throughout the main exhibition room of the Recoleta Cultural Center. Argentine artist Matías Duville’s (Buenos Aires, 1974) enigmatic and attractive installation lends its name to the exhibition: Arena Parking.


Basualdo’s Biennial

Sitting in a pub in Buenos Aires in mid-July, the 56th Venice Biennial seems an already distant event. This edition is, however, an important one for the Argentine art scene, which it will be worth revisiting for further information and definition of stances regarding the work of the three artists from this country who were invited to participate in the exhibition All the World’s Futures, curated by Okwui Enwezor.

A possible hypothesis on Matías Duville’s present

The same day that I began writing this text, I saw on a video featured by an online Argentine newspaper, a TransAsia Airways plane cross a Taipei highway with a wing pointed towards the ground and another towards the sky, destroy the front of a taxi and crash on a river.

Political Sightings in a Photographic Process

Since his emergence in the visual arts scene, the photographer Roberto Huarcaya (Lima, 1959) has distinguished himself by the ambition of his projects, in which photography has often been associated with other creative mediums in very solid combinations that have elicited intense responses from different audiences.

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