PArC Announces its 2016 Program

The fair will take place at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo from April 21 – 24

PArC Announces its 2016 Program

PERÚ ARTE CONTEMPORANEO – PArC 2016 returns to the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Lima for its fourth edition. The event, which will take place from April 21 – 24, will showcase over 40 galleries from 10 different countries. The fair will also showcase a solo project by world-renowned curator Roc Laseca, its customary Auditorium section programmed by highly esteemed Peruvian curator Miguel Lopez, who is now the Chief Curator at TEOR/éTica, and its newest addition the Tijuana Printed Art Fair, curated by Ana Luiza Pinheiro Fonseca. Also part of the fair will be the PArC Lounge showcasing the work of Horacion Goitre Testino and a performance by Juanli Carrion.


Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016’s goal is to be an international stage for the best of abstract, concrete, neo-concrete, kinetic and conceptual art movements from Latin America. In addition, the fair looks to showcase and position Peru as the ideal backdrop for artistic dialog, and exchange of ideas, as well as a destination for art collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, particularly those looking to discover new artists or revisit established ones.

This edition of Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016 in Lima will feature a pavilion curated by Roc Laseca entitled "Abandoning Architecture: Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the New Urban Man." The proposal attempts to analyze current concerns regarding issues like the inhabitance of the future, and the critical relationships between artistic practices and architectural thought.

Curated by Miguel Lopez, the Auditorium promotes discussion about the changing dynamics of artistic production, art history and research, art publications and art collecting. Curator José-Carlos Mariátegui will present two projects as part of Proyecto Video – PaRC 2016.

“PArC is proud to have been part of the Latin American art scene since 2012.” explained Diego Costa Peuser, founder and Executive Director of PArC. “The fair has being a platform of creation and reflection for artists, galleries and collectors from around the world.”- Costa Peuser continued - “the program emphasizes the stimulation of experimental and multidisciplinary work. Simultaneously, the selective process samples emergent artistic production from Latin America, while also recognizing the work of established and mid-career artists.”

A new section, the PArC Lounge presents a sculpture by Peruvian artists Horacio Goitre Testino. The project is titled Angel’s Trumpet and it looks to awaken the audience’s fantasy and curiosity by playing the known and the mysterious elements of a natural element: a floripondio. Covering an area of 1,500 square meters will generate a space for temporary ideas with ever-changing colors and sounds.

Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016 will welcome the Feria Tijuana de Arte Impresa (Tijuana Printed Art Fair), which started in Sao Paulo in 2009. This fair researches and focuses on books by artists from around the world and it has experience exponential growth since its inception.

The last component of PArC will be a performance by Juanli Carrion. TAPAPA is a gastronomic performance that speaks of the gastronomic appropriations that come from the colonization. Through the analysis of this appropriation processes and collective actions, the performance will unveil a history of exclusion, domination and separation that are connected to the creation of a cultural identity. 

Perú Arte Contemporaneo – PArC 2016 fosters cultural collaborations through its different sections with the objective of creating a dialogue between established and emerging artists who share similar interests within their contexts.  The fair will open from April 21 – 24 from 2 to 9 pm at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo – MAC in Barranco.  For more information please visit