The programming of workshops and seminars at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA) continues. Since the beginning of 2019 the museum has dedicated guided tours for the understanding of artists such as Antonio Berni and Tarsila do Amaral and workshops for the reading of Shakespeare and Osvaldo Lamborghini, among many other activities. Within this framework, on Thursday 28 opens a series of meetings to discuss and think about Victor Grippo's (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1932-2006) artwork.

Muerte y Resurreción, Victor Gripo.

The organizers of this series of conferences will be the artist Jorge Macchi (Buenos Aires, 1963) and the renowned critic and curator Florencia Malbrán. With the aim of reconstructing Grippo's work and defining the artist's gaze, the conversations will revolve around the notion of indeterminacy or a-normality that Grippo introduced in his work. Thus, Macchi and Malbrán will introduce to the group the mystery of what art meant at a specific time, what it means today and what role it can develop in contemporary culture and in the future.

Víctor Grippo is a fundamental artist. His works, built on uncertainty and variation, subvert all expectations. By finding them, viewers must renounce dependence on the certainty of themselves and their surroundings. Thus, they interrogate and subject to scrutiny what they see or believe. Reconsiderate, in the last analysis, their conditioning factors. The works of Grippo, in this spirit of liberation, lead to think differently, to look different, to feel different.

The activity is part of the Historias de Verano (Summer Stories) section that MALBA has been developing since the beginning of this year with the aim of providing a space for cultural knowledge and knowledge exchange in the City of Buenos Aires. The registration to the talks is online.