On August 11th at the District Clay Gallery, Roberto Lugo will present US: Emerging Voices in Clay, his curatorial exhibition. Specialized in ceramics, Lugo is one of the most important references of contemporary art in relation to this technique. In addition, within the framework of the exhibition there will be a talk about ceramics.

Emily Connell

The exhibition consists of works by eleven artists selected by Lugo with the aim of making a journey through the most relevant contemporary ceramics. The artists that make up US: Emerging Voices in Clay are: Natalia Arbelaez Emily Connell Jennifer Ling Datchuk Christina Erives April D. Felipe Raven Halfmoon Margaret Kinkeade Natalie Kuenzi Courtney M. Leonard Amanda Schneider Maura Wright.

Roberto Lugo was recently awarded as the Ceramic Artist of the Year, award given by the Ceramics Monthly. Originally from Philadelphia, United States, the American artist closed in the middle of wars. In his beginnings he trained as a street artist, however, soon found in the pottery a medium that allowed him to represent the economic and social environment that deteriorated around him. Throughout his work, Lugo explored the problems and injustices in relation to minorities such as women and immigrants.

A typical resource used to form these narratives is the production of fine porcelain pieces, typical of the Victorian houses of the American upper class. In this way, a teapot, a fountain or a jar become a vehicle to establish new dialogues about current problems.