Espacio Ftalo Contemporary Art Gallery in Buenos Aires inaugurated El tiempo habitado (Inhabited Time) exhibition. The plastic artists Paula Cecchi and Pablo Noce make a journey through their own cosmovision through painting.

Paula Cecchi, Kuty Córdoba.

Conceived as two artists exhibitipm, the curatorship establishes a conversation between Cecchi and Noce that pose a dialogical scene within a constant composition. Both artists allude to a kind of musical structure that distorts and resurges between the progression of exercises, sketches and finished works. They paint time and space: they show the spectator what temporality is made of when it is inhabited.

"They share not only the work of the artist, but the nights and the days: love, home and study, the children. They live together but what they see is the harvest of their own eyes, each a look. And for that reason, in the space outside the gallery, the works of both dialogue in an unprecedented novel way, " writes Daniela Gutiérrez, El tiempo habitado curator. In some way, the paintings bring us closer to an arcane, intimate place, where language resides in landscapes and bodies.

In a week of great artistic activity in Buenos Aires, this pictorial dialogue presented by Paula Cecchi and Pablo Noce is an opportunity to get to know the local sector of contemporary Buenos Aires painting. The exhibition will remain until May 3.


About Ftalo

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