On November 2nd Tres (Three) colective exhibition by Julio Alan Lepez, Paz Bardi and Santiago Erausquin, is held at the new Espacio Ftalo, located in Gorriti 3864 Street (Buenos Aires, Argentina), beein this the first collective exhibition of paintings in the space. Originated as an interdisciplinary project for the visualization of contemporary works, mainly figurative, Ftal opens its doors for third times in the year.

Esos muchachos! - Santiago Erausquin.

Making a free interpretation about reality, the artists summoned for Tres create an intimate universe. "The possibilities of manipulating the record of ‘reality’ are virtually infinite and thus establishes a game between the viewer and the artist, the artist and their models," explained the artists.

Addressing the empirical environment, three stories constitute the exhibition: Santiago Erausquin’s, which plays with the deployment and superposition of surfaces; Paz Bardi’s, who proposes characters that "star in their images in mysterious encounters"; Julio Alan Lepez, who, as if it were a series of palimpsests, intervenes and undoes real and feigned cuts on his figures. In this way, Tres presents the realistic and figurative painting as a situational register of the present.

In addition to the inauguration on Friday 2nd at 7 pm, a wide program of activities will be held within the framework of the exhibition.