When Revolver Gallery opened its doors, Peruvian contemporary art found its internationalization platform par excellence. Ten years after its creation, the gallery has not forgotten its commitment to artists and continues betting -now also from its second space in Buenos Aires- for live art.

Ph: cortesía del ICPNA

With the occasion of celebrating its tenth anniversary, the emblematic Peruvian gallery Revolver inaugurates on August 6 a retrospective exhibition that, according to members of the gallery "that will bring the audience back to the Revolver of Recavarren 298 and 261, through the key moments in the History of the gallery. " The exhibition will be held at the Frightening Germán Krüger Gallery of the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (Miraflores, Peru) until September 16th.

Ten years ago, on June 27, Revolver Gallery opened its doors constituting a window of Peruvian contemporary art with the exterior and an internationalization platform of the most vibrant contemporary Peruvian art of the moment. From that opening, the gallery made countless epositions, both in Peru and abroad, of national and foreign artists. Currently, the gallery continues to work on that premise and live art. With the recent inauguration of his new space in Buenos Aires, Older Than Satan emerges as a celebration of a project that progresses.

The sample is made up of works by various artists -16 in total- that have been part of the history of Revolver: Miguel Andrade, Alberto Borea, Olaf Breuning, Elena Damiani, Matias Duville, Jorge E. Eielson, Juni Figueroa, Andrea Galvani, Philippe Gruenberg, Jerry B. Martin, José Carlos Martinat, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Emilio Rodríguez-Larraín, Juan Salas, Giancarlo Scaglia and Artemio & Yoshua Okón.