Multisensory exhibition of steel works arrives for the first time to Colombia

Aceros al Infinito is the international traveling exhibition of the Colombian sculptor Santiago Medina that will be installed in Medellín and Bogotá this month. From April 12, CES University will host the first stop of the international exhibition of monumental stainless steel sculptures which will then travel to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and London.

Multisensory exhibition of steel works arrives for the first time to Colombia

In the Poblado headquarters of CES University of Medellín will begin the traveling international exhibition of art 'Aceros al Infinito', an artistic tour of the Colombian sculptor, Santiago Medina, which will then move to galleries in New York, London , Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Bogotá. The exhibition explores the infinite possibilities that stainless steel allows in artistic expression. It is an approach to abstractionism from purely organic forms, inspired by nature, to organic-geometric forms. Aceros al Infinito pays homage to the 40th anniversary of the founding of CES University and in memory of one of its deceased founders, Dr. Luis Alfonso Vélez Correa.

"My sculptural work is abstractionism that combines movement and multisensory stimulation. I am inspired by the essence of the universe, which is the continuous movement of the macro in spiral galaxies to the micro of spiral DNA molecules. Everything is in flux. Stainless steel allows me to create abstract sculptures with a lot of movement that change continuously based on the modulation of light and the surrounding colors, "said Maestro Medina.

In the work, the Colombian artist and physician of CES University integrates multisensory resources such as the visual (LED and laser light system), audio (high fidelity surround system), tactile (changing the temperature of the sculpture and the surrounding rich landscape) ) and olfactory (fragrance of trees, flowers and surrounding plants). Santiago Medina is an Antioquia sculptor with studios in Miami and New York, USA; and Milan, Italy. In his career he has specialized in works centered in multicolored Italian stainless steel and the combination of stainless steel with rusted iron. Among its most important commissions are sculptures at Stanford University, Washington University, Boston University, Florida International University in the USA; the Monastery of Mother Laura and CES University in Colombia. He is the only Colombian artist with a permanent monumental sculpture at the prestigious Harvard University.

Great Nirvana, Peace, Sigh, Inspiration, Origin, Levitation and Eternity are some of his main monumental works that will be seen in the exhibition and that iis part of multiple private collections in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The opening of the exhibition will be this Thursday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. in the Fundadores Library of CES University, El Poblado. It will be open to the general public until May 9, 2018.