Marion Gallery presents Spectra, an exhibition of street art that ventures into contemporary art

The gallery presents an exhibition that brings together four young artists of graffiti and street art world that make a transition to contemporary art and galleries.

Felipe Pantone, Liege Belgium, 2015

1010 (Poland / Germany), Cisco Merel (Panama), Felipe Pantone (Argentina / Spain) and Nelio (France) have similar concerns, although each has developed its own discursive proposal. His visual vocabulary was forged on the street and in the murals, with the particularity that their interests have focused on abstraction, geometry and perception, constructing languages ​​from pure forms and color.

Spectra gathers the proposals of these artists in a variety of media to make clear that what really gives value to a work is the speech of each artist, which, once structured, can work in any medium. The works in this exhibition have emerged from a temporary residence of these four young artists in the Articruz workshop, founded by Carlos Cruz-Diez in 2009 in Panama City, which has allowed them to explore different techniques and materials.

The result is a combination of technical and discourse spectra, which dialogue with each other and is now delivered to the exchange with the audience.


S P E C T R A 

Marión Gallery

From 17 March to 21 May 2016

Seventy PH 30, Calle 70 Este, Panama City, Panama