To close its 2018 program, Galería Leme presents an individual exhibition by Mauro Piva (Rio de Janeiro, 1977). Bringing together the most recent productions of the Brazilian artist, the space of the gallery is intervened by six paintings, eight sculptures and a large scale site-specific installation.

Ph: Felipe Berndt

Emerged from random abstractions deposited on Piva’s studio sink produced by the waste of paints, the stains on the white surface of the sink began to adopt the everyday shape, a fortuitous self-representation of the artist. From here, the Latin American artist explores concepts of identity and non-identity and, simultaneously, develops a whole style around it.

Thus, exploring drawing, painting and sculpture possibilities offer him to make an intimate illustration of his daily artistic process in the studio. Mauro Piva’s works intensely on color and his visual abilities establishing two dichotomies –thematic and technical-  : the simulated and the real, the figurative and the abstract.

In short, the key element in the works presented at Galería Leme is the spectator. That is where sense resides. The nature of the sculptures and the paintings is completed with the multiple interpretations that the acrylics, oil paintings and shapes can make.