Last day of arteBA 2018!

Today Sunday 27 is the last day to enjoy arteBA, the contemporary art fair that brings together more than 400 artists and 80 galleries from around the world. You can still access free guided tours, activities for children, and see live performances, book presentations and talks.

Last day of arteBA 2018!

Thanks to the commitment of private patrons and the support of the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade, arteBA can bring curators and museum directors to acquire works by Argentine artists for their collection. In this context, Pablo León de la Barra, curator of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, acquired in the gallery Floating Island, the work of the artist Mariela Scaffati, Ppink, 2015. At the same time, the artist was selected by another international museum. This time, João Fernandes, Deputy Director of the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, Madrid, decided to add the work Caballetes (2015) to the collection. He also selected, from the Institute of Vision (Bogotá), the work Joy in Paperwork (Al papeleo, alegría) by Amalia Pica, a series made on A4 paper and stamp ink, 30 x 21 cm in 2016.

In this edition, José Luis Blondet, curator of special projects of the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) selected to add to the collection of the museum the work Letters to Earth by the Argentine artist Eduardo Navarro of the Nora Roesler gallery (San Pablo). The work consists of 100 bronze nuts that contain inside a piece of real walnut fruit. Its capsules will allow the fruit to remain intact for 3000 thousand years. According to the acquisition contract, whoever purchases them "commits to bury said new products after 100 years" in different parts of the planet

The Contemporary Art Museum of Buenos Aires │ Fundación Aldo Rubino adds, in the framework of arteBA, two new acquisitions. After selecting works by Luis Wells, Martina Quesada and Pablo Accinelli, the museum acquired in Ruth Benzacar the work Flow Flow by Daniel Joglar, an installation of hoops and rods of wood and metal painted in 2017 and in Nora Fisch, he bought a triptych of watercolor, collage and giclee on cotton paper, 130 x 290, by Amadeo Azar that today is part of the exhibition "Latin America: Back to the future" curated by Federico Baeza.

Finally, in the afternoon of yesterday, the public scribe Nora Feldman, the curator of U-Turn Project Rooms, Magalí Arriola, the collector and judge Gustavo Bruzzone, the witness Dr. Maria Eugenia Varela, scientist and Argentinean eminence in meteoritic San Juan and a selected witness among the public present, Florencia Polimeni, among others, participated in a ceremony at the center of the U-Turn Project Rooms section, together with the artists Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg from the Páramo gallery to formalize the donation of the meteorite for the Argentine Scientific Society. The trombonist David Fernández who played a composition of Ulises Conti to start the act in which the meteorite was placed in a time capsule made by hand in wood and activated its encapsulation so that society can dispose of its collection within 100 years.