With the eyes set on the future and the feet in the present, the second edition of the International Women's Film Festival takes place in Madrid (Spain). Committed with the training and education on the issues that threaten women, their role and their capabilities within the film industry, from March 25 to 31st, the Spanish capital will witness more than 40 screenings of films written, directed, interpreted and produced by women.

Miami, de Zaida Bergroth, Finlandia, 2017.

The festival will be held in seven locations within the city of Madrid: Palacio de Prensa, Cine Estudio el Círculo de Bellas Artes, Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España, Sala Berlanga de la Fundación SGAE, Sala Iberia de la Casa de América, Casa Árabe and the Institut Français Madrid. Of the forty films mentioned, some have never been screened in Spain and ten of them will participate in a competitive section. Among the novelties of this edition, in addition to the Best Film Award, the Iberia Public Award will be presented within the initiative #talentoabordo.

During the seven days in which the festival takes place, in parallel to the screenings, directors, producers, scriptwriters, actresses and cinema intellectuals will come to dialogue with the audience in order to forcefully introduce the debate on the role of the woman in film production and the difficulties they suffer today within the industry. These activities will be carried out in five other venues that will be part of the Women's Film Festival: Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain, Auditorium of the Institute for Women, Space Auditorium, Fundación Telefónica, Community Events Hall of Madrid and Casa de América.

"To change things we have to make visible more feminine references that are inspiring for the creators in particular and for the general public," they say from the festival's organizing committee and add: "Under the motto Visibility for equality, we will organize 5 round tables, 6 conferences, debates, film presentations and talks with their directors ". This last slogan or premise is part, in effect, of the decalogue that constitutes the objectives of the festival.

In short, the Women's Film Festival to be held from March 25 to 31st in Madrid, should not be seen as a sui generis initiative, but as a response to an anachronistic regime that leads the film industry. Thus, the second edition of the festival emerges as a model of what should be the industry and the making of films and, above all, of the essential value that women add to it.