Golden weddings: Cuban art at the Norwegian Embassy

Estudio Figueroa-Vives and the Embassy of Norway present Golden Weddings. 1968-2018 a project about Cuban art with the participation of artists Celia-Yunior; Reynier Leyva Novo; Studios Korda 1954-1968; Alejandro González and Fidel García.

Alejandro González. Sin Título. Instalación, 178 ventiladores de equipos electrónicos. 100 x 330 cm, 2009

Like few in the history of the 20th century, the year 1968 radicalized the world, but fifty years later we still regard it as unfinished, in the hope that history’s cyclic movement, in one of its spirals of development, settles the open accounts it left with us.


In the 1960s the world was not perceived globally, but photography, the fanzines, the posters for street rallies, the 8-mm home cameras, the first satellite transmissions, television, the radio and the press turned 1968 viral. The world could “see” or “hear” the barricades in Paris; the shot that killed Martin Luther KingJr.; the Warsaw Treaty army in Prague; the massacred bodies on Tlatelolco;  the planet Earth from outside the earthly orbit; the massacred people of My Lai and Fidel’s speeches that announced the new measures of the Cuban Revolution. However, the most viral of all 1968 images is Che Guevara’s photo made in 1960 by Alberto Korda reproduced in Europe (without royalties or credit to the author), and hoisted by all revolutionary spirits of those days. We have asked the guest artists of Bodas de Oro about 1968. Some remember it, but others only heard echoes. Their works, however, allude in many senses to its presence


Where are you, 1968? Here, for as long as it needs to be remembered.