Following its debut in Seoul, OSGEMEOS’ exhibition You Are My Guest is now on view at the Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, featuring a selection of paintings, installations, and sound pieces by the Brazilian artist duo. OSGEMEOS is known internationally for their unique, dreamlike visual language that brings together influences from Brazilian folklore, hip hop, graffiti, and street art.


For their first institutional exhibition in China, Fosun Foundation will present twelve series of works, comprising over 200 individual pieces of art, covering multiple mediums including large scale paintings, art installations, and sound pieces to give a focused view of their imaginative explorations of the subconscious to challenge artistic traditions, actively expand artistic form, and push social boundaries.


The world faced a great test in 2020. Now, as a new year begins, Fosun Foundation hopes to use this exhibition full of passion and magic to draw viewers into a surreal space constructed from the artists’ extemporaneous creations and dreamlike visual language, where they can feel the warmth of art and draw healing energy from within a multicultural, heightened sensory experience. “It was a difficult year for everyone in many different ways. We hope that with this exhibition we can bring some hope, energy, and light, and people can think of something colorful, fun, happy, and with love.” OSGEMEOS share.

The artist duo’s name, “Os Gemeos,” is Brazilian Portuguese for “the twins,” and consists of identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. As children, the brothers constructed their own unique artistic language through interaction and play. Steeped from childhood in traditional Brazilian culture, the brothers infuse their works with elements from Brazilian culture, explosive hip hop music and break dancing, raising a challenge to traditional street art with a distinctive visual expression, and pioneering an entirely new graffiti style that stands apart from the European-American tradition. Dreams are one of their greatest sources of inspiration. Rooted in the world as they see and imagine it, the brothers’ works are marked by yellow-skinned cartoon figures with elongated limbs and imbalanced proportions, and exquisite geometric patterns in bright colors that bring he viewer into a surreal experience on the boundary between the real and the dream realm.

OSGEMEOS also actively intervene in the public space, moving beyond the streets of São Paulo to create murals, paintings, sculptures, site-specific installations and video works around the world with a highly distinctive personal style. Along the way, they have built a broad fan base among street art lovers worldwide, and a huge following on Instagram. One of their most representative works of public art is the six giants they created on silos for the Vancouver Biennale. The artists hope to use art in the public space to directly make their voice heard, to link up with the public, and spread joy among the people, using art to cure people's hearts. This is perfectly aligned with Fosun Foundation's enduring commitment to exploration and philanthropy in the field of public art. In this special time, Fosun Foundation hopes that the unique, passionate and mysteriously imaginative works of Brazilian artists OSGEMEOS can bring viewers a multisensory experience that takes them beyond reality, and leads them across boundaries of region, race and culture to explore the infinite possibilities of the human subconscious, as each viewer has a unique experience of the warmth and power of art.