Estancia FEMSA - Casa Luis Barragán presents DADA Zurich

The exhibition brings the most significant printed testimonies of Dadaism, one of the most influential avant-gardes of its time and with the greatest echo at the international level during the 20th century.

Estancia FEMSA - Casa Luis Barragán presents DADA Zurich

DADA Zurich, exhibition curated by Javier Maderuelo, with museography from the Frida Escobedo Architecture Workshop, presents a collection of 30 documents including: magazines, posters, books, brochures, programs and stationery containing texts, illustrations, compositions and engravings of the Authors and artists mentioned previously, who participated actively in the founding and strengthening of Dadaism.

Among the most important pieces of the exhibition is the only issue of Cabaret Voltaire (1917), published by Hugo Ball, and the first document where the word "dada" appeared; The folder 8 gravures sur bois par M. Janco et un poème par Tr. Tzara (1917), initial publication of the Collection Dada, of which only two copies are known in the world; The complete collection (7 numbers) of Dada: recueil littéraire et artistique (1918-1920), edited by Tristan Tzara (the last two issues edited in Paris); A collection of the collection Dada series, with texts by Tristan Tzara, Richard Huelsenbeck, Francis Picabia and Benjamin Péret, and with covers illustrated by Marcel Janco and Hans Arp, this collection started by Tristan Tzara in Zurich, continued in Paris when his Editor moved his residence to France.

All works and documents are part of the Archivo Lafuente (Spain), and are exhibited for the first time in Mexico, so that the interested public can get closer to the history of this movement. The exhibition will be open to the public, from February 5 to April 30, 2017 at the Workshop of Luis Barragán, without the need to schedule an appointment.


House Luis Barragan

General Francisco Ramírez 12

Enlargement Daniel Garza

Mexico City