Until September 30th, the city of Barcelona has been taken over by twenty-eight galleries. Bringing the local production of the Catalan province to the international scene, since September 26, Barcelona Gallery Weekend  five-day program with guided tours and meetings is held.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2018.

Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2018 is the fourth edition of a program that seeks to promote the acquisition of works of art, not only forcollectors and art consumers, but also for those who find no sense in the purchase of art. In this way, in addition to being a window for gallerists and artists to the international scene, the cycle works as a pedagogical and instructive process in relation to art in general and its market.

On the one hand, during these five days, more than thirty spaces around the city will carry out exhibitions, talks and activities at the same time. Far from being a specialized program in atype of art, galleries present works by emerging and well known  contemporary artists as well as works from the avant-garde of the 20th century. On the other hand, five physical spaces of Barcelona were intervened by for the ocassion.

Originated in 2015 this event is today part of Barcelona's cultural agenda. Susana Corchi, director of the project, explained: "Our objectives are to promote the relationship between citizens with the galleries of contemporary and avant-garde art, to vindicate the important role of the exhibition spaces for the city, to reinforce Barcelona as the platform for knowledge and creativity and boost its position on the international contemporary art map.

Galleries that participate: 3 Punts Galería, ADN Galería, Àmnit Galeria D’Art, Ana Mas Projects, Àngels Barcelona, Artea Aurora Galería, Bombon Projects, Dadà Objet Trouvé, Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo, Ethall, Galería Carles Taché, Galería Contrast, Galería Cromo, Galería Estrany- de la Mota, Galería Joan Prats, Galería Marc Domènech, Galería Senda, L&B Contamporary Art, Mayoral, N2 Galería, Nogueras Blanchard, Palmadotze, Pigment Gallery, Projectesd, Rociosantacruz, Sala Parés, Tasneem Galley y Zielinsky.