Carola Bravo

at Galería Fernando Zubillaga – Centro de Arte Los Galpones, Caracas

Carola Bravo is an architect, art historian and artist. These characteristics are evident in her work in the field of the visual arts. For any architect or engineer, it is customary to work with contours in topography. This may seem enigmatic to the layman, but when one works with contour lines, they tend to produce certain sensual pleasure and finally, one learns to handle their language with clarity.

By Beatriz Sogbe
Carola Bravo

If pleasure derived from drawing is added to these qualities, then an even greater enjoyment may be obtained. But besides, Bravo adds to these lines the pleasant contemplation of the veins of white marble. This material can be unctuous, almost greasy. So what is originally conceived as an intervention of stone blocks gradually becomes an installation that takes possession of walls and spaces. Thus she creates places that may be infinite, lines that escape the support, run across the edges and fill the walls…all this with a soft and almost musical cadence.

Carola’s spaces are reflexive and placid. They do not startle the viewer, they are not abrupt. There is no color in them, only different shades of grey. These blend together, like the gentle slopes of a hill. To reveal a dimension that links drawing to territoriality. It is s sensitive geometric play that recycles those first drawing lessons we received, in which we were taught to assess the line, its thickness and the thousand tones of grey that charcoal or ink could present us with. And when one has taken delight in this exercise, one knows those materials generate delicate sensations which are unctuous and so fascinating that they actually generate the tactile need to touch them.