After completing their participation in BAphoto Live – both at the GaleryShow and with an exhibition "Pictures within pictures" in the PlayRoom section - the auction house Hilario - Artes Letras Oficios programmed a new edition of its online sales, this time with a strong presence of Latin American vintage photography.


As usual, their catalogs brought together a varied selection of works of art, silverware, traditional textiles, historical objects, books and manuscripts, maps and graphic works, and with a special emphasis, photographs of anonymous authors and renowned masters among collectors.


The entire set is offered on the website of said house -www.hilariosubastas.com - and with a simple registration, one can participate in the auction. Ninety lots are looking for new destinations; from 1 to 49 will be closed for bids on Friday 25, starting 18:30 Argentina and with an interval of 2 minutes between lots. The same will happen with those numbered from 50 to 90, on Saturday 26.


In a brief tour of the catalog, an oil painting by Rómulo Macciò dated 1987 and entitled "Peregino" can be highlighted. Macciò painted it in Medinaceli, Spain, the place in the world chosen by the Argentine master. His work is part of the heritage of important institutions, such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Center for Contemporary Art in Madrid.

Of particular interest, a handwritten vintage copy of the Spanish play "The victims of imposture, or" Foundlings ", a text written by Juan López Estremera in the early nineteenth century. In a beautiful vintage binding of Moroccan red, the copy tells stories ... That theatrical piece, premiered in Madrid in the season 1807 - 1808, was of public interest and circulated in handwritten versions to be revived in private rooms .

The photographs, museum quality treasures. A portrait executed in Cuzco by the Argentine Elena Hosmann in 1944, silver gelatin, is of singular interest. Hosmann was a remarkable photographer who toured northern Argentina, Bolivia and Peru during those years.


From Mexico, a peasant woman poses for the camera of Luis Márquez Romay, photographer, actor and collector. The beauty of the image says it all - a silver gelatin toned in sepia - and its author's signature at the bottom. It is dated 1926.


Another image that captivates is the group portrait of a military band, where all its members with crenellated faces and presenting their instruments. The generously sized albumen -24.7 x 30.2 cm- was copied by the photographer himself, Portuguese Christiano Junior, a successful camera professional who at the height of his fame, in 1878, sold his business in Buenos Aires and left to tour the interior of Argentina after a chimera: document the entire country. This shot shows him in the city of San Juan around 1880. A true treasure of heritage photography.