FICCIONARIOS (Fiction collections), the exhibition by the Ecuadorian artist Patricio Palomeque, is on view in the +ARTE gallery and presents dystopian urban scenes that do not stray too far from the present reality.


If it is a matter that requires reflection, it would be better to analyze it in the dark.

José Luis Brea


The term Fictionary, was born from a fictional comic by the Argentine author Horacio Altuna, published in 1983. The work, framed in the subgenre of dystopia, is made up of self-conclusive episodes in a world riddled with corruption, crime and decadence in the very near future, which may as well coincide with current times.


This exhibition brings together a set of works from the last year, where the gaze of the territorial is inscribed in the micro stories, which in some way are reaffirmed in the formal structure of the objects. Part of these assemblies are made manually as fabrics or wefts, merging video and photography. Some of the projects are done in collaboration with the urban artist Jhonatan Mosquera, where the interest is to generate dialogues and negotiations with the urban environment and artistic practices. This kind of playful mechanics gives objects the appearance of a "rabid toy" encapsulated in its own world.


This view of the Infra-ordinary ends up merging with this exterior panorama that also tries to reflect, with the artistic scene, on themes of authorship and urban processes. A sort of balance between humor, the apparently banal, and the incidences of the political.


In any case, this exhibition is much more than the selection of the latest production by an artist who brings together literary, artistic, historical or urban interests with the aim of building those traces of the passage of time in a personal space. It is about showing an exploration of the psyche itself that pursues this movement of detention, where the conversation is opened through the steps taken in dialogue with what seems to have stopped, in the fleetingness of an instant to come. - José Luis Corazón Ardura




Visual Artist and Cultural Manager. He studied at the Superior School of Visual Arts of the University of Cuenca, he did internships at the Art School of the University of Chile and at the Experimental Graphics Workshop in Havana. He has been a teacher at the Arts School in Cuenca. Director and curator of the Hall of the People of the House of Culture and director of the Galería Proceso Arte / Contemporáneo, Cuenca. He participated in the exhibition “Beyond the tropics”, at the 56th Venice Biennale, Entre Trópicos Caracas, Havana Biennial, Cuenca Biennial, Barro Maracaibo Biennial, Bienal del Sur Panamá, Loop Barcelona,​​VIDEO ART IN LATIN AMERICA, Curatorship from Glenn Phillips and Elena Shtromberg, Paccific Standard Time: LA / LA, 9.17.17 - 12.16.17. He has had individual exhibitions in Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, France, Spain, Venezuela, USA, and Beijing.