Untitled (Circunstancial), 1971.  Installation view / vista de exhibición. National Young Artists Salon, Casa de la Cultura, Maracay, 1971

The exhibition underscores the work developed by the artist during the 1970s, when his proposal became an unequivocal turning۔point within the tradition of modern Venezuelan art.

By Janet Batt

Eugenio Espinoza: Unruly Supports. PAMM, Miami

 Untitled (Rolled steel)/ Sin título (acero enrollado), 2015

There are no frontal or precise ideas in this show; what prevails at all times is a tangential, oblique discourse.

By Píter Ortega Núñez

Mateo Tannatt: Horse. Gallery Diet, Miami

Yoan Capote. Immanence, 2015. Vista de exhibición / exhibition view

Yoan Capote’s exhibition inhabits binary spaces. Two galleries of work explore two seemingly contradictory themes: physical and mental suppression, and human resilience.

By Claire Breukel

Yoan Capote: Collective Unconscious. Jack Shainman, New York

Vista de la exposición A Garden for Beatrix. Cecilia Brunson Projects. London. Foto: Patrick Dodds

Lucía Pizzani’s exhibition at Cecilia Brunson Projectsfeatures a series of four works revolving around the relationship between nature, gender and materiality.

By Alba Colomo

Lucía Pizzani: A Garden for Beatriz. Cecilia Brunson Projects