Casa Hoffmann is an exhibition space in the city of Bogotá, dedicated to producing and exhibiting research in contemporary art commissioned to curators or researchers. Its exhibition cycle is consolidated in curatorial projects in which dialogue axes are established between proposals by local and international artists. The space promotes a line of research at the intersection between art, science and technology, making room for interdisciplinary, experimental and innovative proposals.


For PINTA Miami 2020, Casa Hoffmann presents three artists and a collective that, through their artistic investigations, share unknowns with those scientists dedicated to investigating the relationship between nature and space. Art and science, areas that could seem totally divergent, have shared throughout the history of humanity the vocation to try to decipher the origin and existence of the universe.


The proposal of the artist Alba Triana, focuses on exploring the primordial intelligence of nature. Her works, which are musically conceived and include interactive installations, resonant spaces, sound and light sculptures, and vibrational objects, are hybrids and cross the boundaries of a diverse set of disciplines.


The work of the artist María José Leaño, a researcher in Biomimicry, delves into her interest in pollination by using images taken with confocal microscopy. Her project investigates smart and sustainable materials, inspired by nature. The evolution of her work goes from the textile printing of floral themes and micrographs, to the 3D printing of pollen grains.

The research of the artist Andrés Moreno Hoffmann proposes a plastic reflection which confronts multiple spatial dimensions in a two-dimensional plane. It poses a three-dimensional world, which describes more dimensions than we are capable of observing. The artist is inspired by the theory of superstrings where thin strings vibrate, impossible to distinguish due to their microscopic sizes.


Atractor Estudio is an interdisciplinary group of artists who mediate their proposal through analog and digital technology. From the creation of algorithms, Atractor designs and develops installations and large-format visual experiences, starting from concepts that blur the boundaries between art and science.


Supralunar | Atractor Estudio from Casa Hoffmann on Vimeo.