XIX International Call for Young Artists by Luis Adelantado Valencia

With almost twenty years, XIX International Call for Young Artists organized by Luis Adelantado Valencia is one of the most important prize of Valencia. Last day of admissions: 19 April 2017

XIX International Call for Young Artists by Luis Adelantado Valencia

The International call for young artists organized by Luis Adelantado Valencia, was created with a strong commitment to encourage and support the creation and artistic expression and promote all those new creative ways that make our contemporary world.

Through the CALL we try to learn first-hand what is developing among younger artists and in turn, provide them with the opportunity to show their work in a professional space and create a possible link to the Gallery.

This program is aimed at national and international young artists (between 25-35 years of age), whose work is maturing and who have the skills, abilities and knowledge that enable them to develop their projects with clarity and consistency.

For our gallery, the main purpose of this call is to establish a real link with today’s youth environment. Our goal is to give artists the opportunity to present their works in a professional context, allowing them to collaborate and create a possibly permanent relationship with our gallery. The selection will be done by Olga Adelantado, with the gallery team; Virginia Murcia and Isabel Puig. The selected artists will take part in a group exhibition to be held at our gallery from 6 July to 22 September, 2017. Within this selection, our gallery will choose a prominent artist, who will be given the opportunity to develop a project to be hosted in our Boiler Room next year.

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