Ungloborojo selected to PARTE 2016

Ungloborojo itinerante was selected by EXPORTAR Foundation to represent Argentina at the Contemporary Art Fair PART 2016, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ungloborojo selected to PARTE 2016

Within the framework of ungloborojo’s itinerant cycle in International activity, the new exhibition of contemporary art called PARTE 2016 will open on November 2nd at Clube A. Hebraica, in Sao Paulo.

As an itinerant gallery project and device for action, promotion, sale and representation of artists, ungloborojo focuses in contemporary art, with projection at national and international level. Starting in 2007 as a classic space gallery open to the public, it is from 2013 that this team led by Margarita Nores Marino redefines its scope and modality to become a dynamic, hybrid and mutant project to facilitate the dissemination, development, production, critical thinking and philosophical practices in relation to contemporary art. Itinerant, young, dynamic and international, ungloborojo develops the ability to adopt multiple roles, from production work, curatorship, gallerism and research.

For this specific project of ungloborojo FEIRA PARTE 2016, Margarita Marino Nores ‐Director, curator and cultural producer ‐ developed a curatorial script and selected the artists Luz Novillo Corvalán, Rocio Moreno, Agustina Roca, Tamara Villoslada and Margarita Nores Marino for display.

Artistic practices appear today as a rich field for social experiments and philosophical reflections, a space partially preserved from the ‘already stated’ or ‘pre‐set’ to surrender to the constant manifestations of men facing everything that is stimulating. It pretends to expand the boundaries of what we have come to call THE INNER INFINITY: The link of each artist with its identity of being. It is about the intimate, domestic, small, almost immaterial of existence: the INSIDE as a fundamental aspect to justify and give meaning to the OUTSIDE. The relationship with the present: What has remained, what has not changed.

Where does the contact break, where to go when there is no escape? How to navigate this fertile / infertile field of the INSIDE? Drawings, composition and intervention with objects, ceramics, mockup and signs are the means to encrypt some boundaries of the inner most being questions regarding the physical, the material and immaterial limits of belonging, the action space surrounding the complex and unpronounceable universe of WHAT WE ARE, opening the resignification.

The exhibition will be open fromthe2nd to 6th November at Clube A. Hebraica, Rua Dr. Alberto

C. de Melo Neto 115, São Paulo ‐ Brazil.