ESTE ARTE announces third edition dates, location and highlights

The third edition of ESTE ARTE, contemporary art fair  will be held in a brand new venue: The Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center from 11 to 14 january, 2017

ESTE ARTE announces third edition dates, location and highlights

ESTE ARTE announced today the gallery list and details for its third edition which will take place 11 - 14 January 2017. ESTE ARTE is an international contemporary art fair in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, South America’s premier luxury travel destination. After two successful editions, the 2017 fair will bring together the best local galleries from Uruguay and a selection of leading galleries from around the world. ESTE ARTE 2017 presents an artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-gardes to emerging and contemporary art, and includes the Cultural Agenda, a parallel programme to the main fair which incorporates a space for dialogue among artists, collectors, critics and curators.

In 2017, the fair presents galleries including Xippas Galleries (Paris, Geneva, Montevideo, Punta del Este), Carroll / Fletcher (London), Galleria Continua (San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Habana), Photology (Pueblo Garzón, Noto), Galería SUR (Punta del Este), Studio Sandra Recio (Geneva), Reginart Collections (Geneva), Mul.ti.plo Espaço Arte (Rio de Janeiro), Galería del Paseo (Punta del Este, Lima), Black Gallery (Montevideo, Pueblo Garzón), Pabellón 4 arte contemporáneo (Buenos Aires), Factoría Santa Rosa (Santiago de Chile), Piero Atchugarry gallery (Pueblo Garzón), all of which will be returning to the fair. After a successful second edition, a number of new galleries will exhibit at ESTE ARTE including Bartha Contemporary Ltd. (London), Rutger Brandt Gallery (Amsterdam) and Mark Hackem (Paris, New York, Beirut), among others.

Directed by Laura Bardier, ESTE ARTE is a fair that presents a tailored selection of leading local and international galleries, giving collectors the opportunity to experience quality on a comfortable scale. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Punta Del Este, the quality of collectors and visitors that ESTE ARTE attract demonstrates how the fair represents an important moment in the international art world calendar when the South American art systems can meet, exchanges ideas and thrives. The third edition of ESTE ARTE will be held in a brand new venue: The Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center.

ESTE ARTE 2017 will present talks programmes and panel discussions during the fair. The ESTE CHARLA talks programme considers public and private collecting, art education methods and art funding strategies. This programme will include a talk with acclaimed Argentinean artist Liliana Porter on her last film. The ESTE TERTULIA programme will include a series of discussions with artists and presentations of their work, such as Uruguayan artist Marco Maggi. ESTE SONIDO will incorporate a programme of public sound art performances including the contemporary ensemble PERCEUM. ESTE GUIA, a series of public guided tours, will also return for the 2017 fair.

The 2017 fair will be supported by the Committee of the Friends of ESTE ARTE, an essential group of regional collectors and friends of the fair and local institutions including the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of External Relations in Uruguay. Laura Bardier, Director ESTE ARTE said: “ESTE ARTE is an art fair that provides a unique experience for visitors, set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Punta Del Este, one of the premiere travel destinations for the world’s elite. After the success of the first two fair in 2015 and 2016, we are delighted to welcome back a range of leading galleries and to announce the arrival of some new galleries who will exhibit for the first time at ESTE ARTE 2017 as well as this year’s Cultural Agenda. We founded the fair to bring together a tailored selection of the best Uruguayan and international galleries during one of the key moments of the Punta Del Este social calendar, inviting visitors to view art in a luxurious setting. With its innovative format, we hope that ESTE ARTE 2017 may challenge the way people think about art fairs.” Listings Information



11 - 14 JANUARY 2017

Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Centre

Punta del Este, Uruguay

 5:00pm – 10:00pm