A goodbye to Alberto Sierra

The renowned Colombian artist died on March 19 after two weeks of hospitalization. This year was to prepare the commemoration of the 45 years of Galería de La Oficina.

A goodbye to Alberto Sierra

Galería de La Oficina, its artists, relatives and friends, regret to report the death of Alberto Sierra Maya, at the Las Américas Clinic at 6:10 p.m., after two weeks of hospitalization due to cerebral ischemia.

On Tuesday, March 21, at one o'clock in the morning, his funeral will be held at the Montesacro Gardens Cemetery.

Alberto was a predominant figure in the history of modern and contemporary Colombian art. Founder of the oldest gallery in the city, the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, Colloquium of Non-Objetual Art, participant in the first line of the Biennials of Coltejer, among many other events that marked moments that determined the national art behind and local.

Also, its fundamental workforce in the impetus of new generations of artists, among which is the group called The Eleven Antioqueños and during 45 years in Galería de La Oficina was promoter of many of those that today make integral part of the art Colombian .

He was graphic designer and also editor. Cultural manager and promoter of gatherings and conversations around the various generations of intellectuals and opinion leaders formed an artistic and cultural criterion that transcended companies like Sura, Argos and Bancolombia, among others, of which he was an adviser and curator, Its private collections are also a national heritage that accompanied and guarded.

He received the distinctions and recognitions, among which are the Life and Work Prize of the Municipality of Medellín in 2016. This year prepared the commemoration of the 45 years of the Gallery, the celebration that all who accompanied him as a manifestation of the Homage that he shunned but that now we want to surrender