Ya basta hijos de puta: Teresa Margolles en PAC Milan

Violence, inequality, organized crime. PAC Milan presents a solo show of Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, who with her minimalist but striking style testifies to the complexities of contemporary society. From March 28th, 2018 to May 20th, 2018.

Ya basta hijos de puta: Teresa Margolles en PAC Milan

PAC Milan presents the personal exhibition of Teresa Margolles (Culiacán, 1963), a Mexican artist who lives and works in Mexico City and Madrid. With a particular aptitude for crude realism, his works testify to the complexities of contemporary society, crumbling with alarming violence that is tearing apart the world and especially Mexico. Winner of the 2012 Prince Claus Prize, Teresa Margolles represented Mexico at the 53rd Venice Biennial in 2009 and her works have been exhibited in numerous museums, institutions and international foundations. With a minimalist style, but with a strong impact and almost authoritarian conceptual level, the 14 facilities of Margolles that are exhibited in the PAC explore the uncomfortable issues of death, social injustice, gender hatred,

Promoted by the City Council of Milan - Culture and the PAC produced by Silvana Editoriale, the exhibition is part of the calendar of the Week of Art, the week in Milan dedicated to contemporary art, in which the artist presents a show tribute to Karla, prostitute murdered transgender in Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) in 2016. A strong gesture, which will leave an open wound on the walls of the CAP and will be starring Sonja Victoria Vera Bohórquez, a transgender woman who prostitutes from Zurich.

The exhibition is the first of the four lines of research of the PAC, during the weeks when Milan becomes an international showcase with MiArt and Salone del Mobile and starring the great names of the international art scene: Teresa Margolles ( 2018) and Anna Maria Maiolino (2019).

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