Una Nueva Era: Iosu Aramburu at the Museum of Art of San Marcos

Una Nueva Era (A New Era), the solo show of th Peruvian artis Iosu Aramburu will take place tomorrow at the Museum of Art of San Marcos (MASM).

Una Nueva Era, Iosu Aramburu, óleo sobre yute, 184×140

Focusing on the modern perspective of the arrival of a new era the exhibition is an utopic view of social expectations of the past interpretated from present to design possible futures. To refer to the ideal of progress, the paintings that configure the installation represent abstract forms that quote some historical vanguardes as well as formal explorations of the mid-twentieth century.

In the work the artist evokes the monumentality and celebration of the progress of the mural painting promoted by nationalist policies of State between 1930 and 1950.

In opposition to the vanguard state, the composition of the painting are inspired by paintings from Cusco during the 17th century: the series of Corpus Christi at the Museo Arzobispal del Cusco and in a chilean private collection. In this series, the society attends the passage of a procession.

In the work of Iosu, viewers take abstract forms and allude to the modernist landscape, constantly changing. The exhibition, therefore, combines historical strategies to show an audience that envisions a new era, who fantasizes about the future.