Tomorrow afternoon at Casa Hoffman (Bogotá, Colombia) inaugurates TRANSMUTAR exhibition. Curated by the director of the curatorship department of the Contemporary Art Museum of Bogotá Juan David Quintero, the show is part of the winning exhibition cycle of the Plastic Arts Programming Scholarship in Bogotá Red Santa Fe Gallery of the District Institute of the Arts (IDARTES).

Zokos, Miento, Pintura acrílica 90 x 30 cm 2018.

The exhibition that will be held at Casa Hoffman proposes an approach and documentation regarding the artistic practices that are inserted into the urban ecosystem establishing a collective phenomenon that constantly reinvents the city, transforming objects and habitual spaces from practices such as graffiti , the stickers and the posters. Likewise, TRANSMUTAR offers a re-reading of the activism and counterculture manifested in the aforementioned urban spaces.

As the curatorial text explains, quoting Schwartzman, "art is situated in contexts that are initially not artistic, to transform the environment through the language of each artist, who tries to communicate through his work with ordinary people." Thus, the interventions of artists in places in spaces that are not gallery or institutions, allow a democratization of the medium.

TRANSMUTAR is made up of three axes: an installation which seeks to aproach the relationships between education and "non education" through different elements; a collection of intervened pieces, proposing a new reading over them; and another installation where geometric space is intervened by images, icons and figures.

The exhibition will be open to the public until November 9 at Casa Hoffman space.

Artists:Ache, AEON, Chirrete Golden, Cosmo y La Wife, Dela calle, Dj Lu, Emptyboy, Enka, Erre, Fábio Tremonte, Franco de Colombia, Furia, Gleo, Joems Beat, Lili Cuca, Mugre Diamante, Nice Naranja, Pésimo, Rapiña, Skore 999, Tonra, Toxicómano, Ventus, Zokos.