In the Peruvian-Northamerican Cultural Institute (ICPNA for its name in spanish) inaugurates Sísmica, fotografía y video chileno reciente (Síscmica, recent Chilean video and photography) exhibition. Addressing political and economic issues related to gender and identity and the urban and natural environments in Chile, the visual arts platform Sísmica proposes an expansion of artistic lines that respond to contemporary issues. Aesthetics, politics, ecology and society are the main axes that this exhibition aims to introduce into the Chilean agenda through photographic production.

Marcha, 2018, de Pablo Izquierdo.

Under Max Hernández Calvo curatorship, the exhibition that opens on April 5 at the ICPNA puts into dialogue the photographic and audiovisual material of twelve contemporary artists. In order to establish a coherent view of the Chilean context, all the authors of the exhibited artworks were born in the South American country between the 70s and 80s. Thus, the themes and narrative elements of the oeuvres build a common body where it can also be appreciating formal explorations of a generation inserted in a specific time and society. 

From this curatorial line appear, among others, the works of Marianne Hoffmeister that approach the landscape from a poetic and ludic perspective, the historical interpellations that Enrique Ramírez introduces in an ethical horizon or Montenegrofisher duo (Adrián Fisher & Luna Montenegro) experimentation regarding filmic tales. In addition, Juvenal Barría, Patricia Domínguez, Nicolás Franco, the Colectivo Hipermercado Casino (integrated by Daniela Claro, Fernanda Gutiérrez and Florencia Serrano), Verónica Ibáñez, Pablo Izquierdo, María Luisa Murillo, Nicolás Sánchez and Marcos Zegers projects are also in display.

Sísmica, fotografía y video chileno reciente is presented at the ICPNA’s gallery in Miraflores (Lima, Peru) in the frame work of Art Lima 2019 fair. As explained by Sísmica members, this exhibition is an extension of Tentativas de agotar un lugar (Tentative of exhausting a place) exhibition recently exhibited on Munar experimental place at La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina).