The third day of BAphoto 2019, the specialized photography artfair that celebrates its fifteen aniversary, began. With an intensive flow of international visitors, the fair is a pole of modern and contemporary production of artistic photography. The greatest exponents of the Latin American tradition ―Martín Chambi Jiménez (Peru, 1891-1973) Humberto Rivas (Buenos Aires, 1937-2009), Anatole Saderman (Russia, 1904-1993), Annemarie Heinrich (Germany, 1912-2005) and Luis Brito (Venezuela, 1945-2015), among others― share for four days the space with artworks by contemporary artists with an international career ―such as Adrián Villar Rojas (Rosario, 1980), Fabiana Barreda (Buenos Aires, 1967), Luciana Lamothe (Mercedes, 1975), Roberto Huarcaya (Peru, 1959) and Santiago Porter (Buenos Aires, 1971)― and other emerging ones ―for example Sol Pachot (Buenos Aires, 1988) and Jesu Antuña (Rosario, 1989) -.

Ph: Matías Bognnani y Francisca Etchegaray.

In addition to the stands that maintain their artworks throughout the fair, this afternoon, from 14:30, the programming of the auditorium continues. Conceived as a space for exchange and thought, the American researcher and daguerreotypeist Mike Robinson passed by yesterday ―who made a historical review of the findings of Louis Daguerre and his essential role for photography as we know it today― curators in charge of the De arañas, medusas y humanos project ―a special edition of Links Projects that the fair celebrates this year― Valeria González and Mercedes Clauss, and the founder of Artexarte, Luz Castillos.

On today's agenda (Saturday 7), Francisco Medail, artistic director of BAphoto 2019, will talk at 6:30 pm with Colombian curator and researcher Oscar Roldán-Alzate and Gustavo Buntinx, curator of the Pavilion of Peru at the 58th Venice Biennale ―in which he participates with the artist Christian Bendayán (Peru, 1973) in the Anthropophago Indians project that puts into dialogue the imaginary that surrounded the Amazon in the 19th  century with the connotations that this territory has in the 21st  century. The conference will be aimed at thinking about the resources of the photographic device and the archive for the (re)construction of memory from Colombian photography in the case of Roldán, and from the artwork of Martín Chambi (Peru, 1891-1973) in the case of Buntinx.

On the other hand, Vivian Galbán’s activation Exhibition in real time ―a living artwork developed through a large camera obscura and the participation of visitors― continues. In the same way, in the framework of the program of guided tours open to the public, at 5:00 pm the visual artist Claudio Larrea (Argentina, 1963) will give a guided tour through the most interesting points of the fair ―Sunday’s visit will be in charge of the artist Lorena Fernández, at 6:00 p.m.



BAphoto is open until Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the stables of the La Rural Fairgrounds. For those who are fond of contemporary art and photography, it is a must-see appointment to go through the fair, which fifteen years ago was positioned as the meeting point and exchange between artists, curators, collectors and fans of the photographic device for artistic purposes in Latin America.