SaludArte Foundation and Ideobox Artspace present “1.000.000 mm3” by Lydia Okumura

Saludarte Foundation is pleased to announce the second exhibition of 2016 Uprooting Architecture curatorial program, with the first Miami solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Lydia Okumura (b.1948). The exhibition is comprised of a selection of her historical installations and extensive archive documentation.

SaludArte Foundation and Ideobox Artspace present “1.000.000 mm3”  by Lydia Okumura

The 2016 Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace Exhibition Series marks a continuation from certain interrogations presented during the previous season, driving the discussion on architecture and topographic analysis to an exploration on the relationships between body and space, by encouraging a reflective orientation towards the discovery of different ways for appropriating the notion of the site.
The second episode of the Series, produced by Lydia Okumura (Sao Paulo, 1948) re-stages seven historical site-installations conceived in the decades of the 70s and 80s, in the frame of the Natinoal Biennial of Sao Paulo and the commissions of PS1, New York, among others. The title of the exhibition is named after the work that the artist produced in 1972, occupying the whole space of the Biennial Pavilion thru an impercibible trace of cotton, paint and wood, turning the installation into a passable situation which is now re-staged in the new context of Saludarte Foundation.
Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace is pleased to announce the second edition of its Exhibition Series, that was launched in 2014 with the first city commissions by Juan Fernando Herrán (Colimbia), Marcius Galan (Brazil), Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba) and Andrés Michelena (Venezuela), making possible a cluster of public programs comprised of workshops on urbanism and soft territories along with scholar exchanges with architecture foundations from Mexico, Colombia and US.
For this second edition, directed as well by curator Roc Laseca, Saludarte Foundation / Ideobox Artspace will commission the works of three women artists: Ana Mazzei (Brazil, 1980), Lydia Okumura (Brazil, 1948) and Magdalena Fernández (Venezuela, 1965) intended to articulate the gallery space through the disruptive experiences of the body, and the critical relationships between cultural artifacts and natural environments
Uprooting Architecture is so, and ultimately, a reading exercise of the city itself, an analytical parenthesis to evaluate Miami’s performing complex biography and modernity.

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Roc Laseca