At the Cornell Art Museum, seven artists intervene in the museum's halls with large-scale site-specific installations. Seven Solos (Seven Solos) distributes, in this way, the works of Miya Ando (New York, USA), Giannina Dwin (Milan, Italy) and Freddy Jouwaged (Miami), Jacob Fisher (New York, USA), Frank Hyder ( Miami, USA), Shinduk Kang (South Korea), Alex Trimino (Miami, USA) and Brookhart Jonquil (Miami) producing an immersive space where the visitor jumps from one order to another, as if traveling through a continent or a galaxy.

By Matías Helbig
"818181", Jacob Fisher.

The seven installations were produced especially for this exhibition, they had never been exhibited before. Each of the rooms and the exterior patio of the museum govern the gaze and interpretation under a different normative framework. Miya Ando, ​​for example, proposes a gallery of suspended fabrics in harmony with the sea's imaginary, where two golden moons harmonize the environment, thus establishing a "connection between the moon and the tides," says the New York artist. In tune with the installation of Ando, ​​Dwin and Jouwaged collaboratively produce a piece that reflects on the ocean, its connotations and the world of ideas it suggests. Salt sculptures are spatially located in projections, which, like currents, take them to one side or the other.

At another extreme, Jacob Fisher produced a room set with red lights and bounded by a labyrinth of false walls made of thread. In space, the viewer is invited to travel through geography to observe how the landscape changes from the different angles of vision. The false walls, like invisible borders insert the visitor in a geopolitical game of the look.

In addition, there is the installation of Frank Hyder, who proposes a janic universe of figures represented in huge balloons; the work of the South Korean Shinduk Kang that represents a factory with a heartbeat emanating from the center; Alex Trimino and his hanging installation in the atrium of the museum; and Brookhart Jonquil with his room of mirrors and neon lights.



Until October 26, this eclectic exhibition of contemporary art is on display at the Cornell Art Museum in Florida.