From September 25th at the New Museum in New York, Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel, great retrospective of the controversial and diverse work of the British artist Sarah Lucas will take place. Recognized from her participation in the Young British Artists (YBA's), Lucas is one of the pioneers and referents of the ready-made, mainly addressing gender and cultural identity issues.

Sarah Lucas, Aun Naturel, 1994. Ph: Sadie Coles.

Curated by Massimiliano Gioni, artistic director of Edlis Neeson, and curator Margot Norton, the exhibition it’s an exploration throughout Lucas career, from the 90s when she began to participate in the YBA to her most recent works such as Penetralia photography series, started in 2008 and which is still ongoing.

Lucas' exhibition will occupy the three main floors of the New Museum with more than 150 photographs, sculpture and installation to reveal the breadth and ingenuity of the artist career. Lowering their works to the present, the curatorial team in charge of the exhibition aims to establish links between gender and power debates with the work of the British artist.

Likewise, a part of Lucas's surrealist period will be presented, from her everyday objects transformations to her sexual ambiguity and the tension between the familiar and the absurd exploration.

Since the 90s, Lucas has managed to develop a distinctive and provocative work questioning the standardized notions of gender, sexuality and identity. Transforming everyday objects such as cigarettes, vegetables and clothing, the British artist has made controversial paintings defying the norms and socio-cultural impositions. Human and anthropomorphic forms that usually manifest themselves in an erotic and humorous way are also constant at her work.

Consecrated today as one of the most influential and recognized British artists of the late twentieth century and so far in the twenty-first, Lucas's work is a fundamental part of contemporary art. Until January 20th   at the New Museum, Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel is an unmissable exhibition.