Proyecto AMIL presents the workshop To The Night Sky of Lima

The workshop is dictated by Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves, this saturday 14 January 2017 from 3:30 pm - 6 pm

Proyecto AMIL presents the workshop To The Night Sky of Lima

In the context of - al Cielo de Noche de Lima / to The Night Sky of Lima - the two-part exhibition by the American artist Richard Tuttle; Proyecto AMIL and Museo de Arte de Lima - MALI, invite you to participate in a series of workshops that take the Lima sky as their starting point. The workshops are directed by the artists Sandra Nakamura (November 26th), Nancy La Rosa (December 17th) and Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves (January 14th).

In response to the exhibition, each workshop consists of an experimentation with various creative tools to record the ideas, thoughts and feelings that are generated from a renewed curiosity with our sky, and how this intersects with the minimalist and subtle work of Richard Tuttle.

"The atmosphere of Lima is opaque, foggy and unrefined, which depends largely on the situation of the City," Hipólito Unanue said more than a hundred years ago. During this third and final workshop, on Saturday 14th January, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves propose to remove the cloudiness that usually surrounds us to verbalize some abstractions that pass over the sky and the daily life of Lima, in a session of work, reading and action.

The workshop will be held between 3:30 pm and 6pm in Proyecto AMIL. Artists and those interested in the subject are welcome to join. No previous knowledge or expertise in art making is needed.

Admission is free and materials are included.

About the artists

Gilda Mantilla (Los Angeles, 1967) and Raimond Chaves (Bogotá, 1963). Based in Lima, the artists have worked collaboratively since 2001. Their practice can be understood as a dialectical confrontation with the context in which they are inscribed. Thus, they have questioned the processes of representation and identification that allow us to construct a determined territory through images in Drawing America (2005-2009), An uncomfortable eagerness (2010-2012), and Second Nature (2015-2016). They have critically reviewed the social, political and cultural context of Lima, based on its peculiar meteorological circumstances in Observations on the City of Dust (2009-2010). They have ironically read the discourses, "voices" and the imaginary of the Lima art scene in Before and After the Future (2013-2015), and they have interrogated the relations between the artistic institutionality and the citizens in Cabinet of Curiosity (2006- 2015). In 2015 Mantilla and Chaves represented Peru at the 56th Venice Biennial -where for the first time the country had its own pavilion- with Misplaced Ruins. In addition, they have been members of the collectives: Espacio La Culpable (2005-2008) and Comité 1º de Mayo (2013-2015).