Parc presents Video Project, curated by José-Carlos Mariátegui

It is a new section of the fair dedicated to the history of video art.

Diego Lama: De falso a legal en una toma.  2015

Curator José-Carlos Mariátegui will present two projects as part of Proyecto Video – PaRC 2016. The first program is comprised of works that use different treatments for the images as far as technique and / or media. The second program showcases works of expanded format made on three channels, which were very popular during the decade of the 70s and continued through the 90s with the use of projections to create video-instalations as part of elaborate architectural constructions.

The selected projects are Conversaciones (la distancia más corta entre dos personas) by the argentine artist Ezequiel Montero Swinnen,  Warholian by Gregory Scott and De falso a legal en una toma by Diego Lama.