Outsiders Artist from Havana at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum

From March 31 to June 3 will take place in La Havanna's Artists Outsiders exhibition at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum

Jorge Alberto Hernández Cadi (El Buzo), Untitled, Mixed media, No Date, Photo Courtesy of NAEMI.

Outsider Artists from Havana is a project managed by the National Art Exhibitions of the Mentally Ill Foundation, in close collaboration with specialists from the Frost Art Museum and FIU researchers, which aims to show the artistic production of two of the most recognized Cuban artists in the genre of outsider art: Misleidys Castillo and Jorge Alberto Hernández Cadi (El Buzo). Each artist presents very different aesthetics and themes, according to their respective mental disorders. The interpretation of their special universes is shaped consistently with the recurrence of a distinctive language that is supported by their craft, which is an important concept that unites them.