An essay contest, virtual exhibitions and the presentation of illustrative materials, photographs and videos make up the program that will be presented between July 29, 2020 and July 29, 2021 by the Otero-Pardo Foundation in alliance with the ArtesanoGroup Foundation.


In order to commemorate the centennial year of the birth of the Venezuelan artist Mercedes Pardo (1921-2005), the Alejandro Otero-Mercedes Pardo Foundation and the ArtesanoGroup Foundation, will be presenting on their web pages and social networks, from July 29, 2020, a series of materials aimed at spreading and highlighting the life and work of this important creator, as a tribute to one of the most important representatives of abstract art in Venezuela.


The tribute will be held throughout the centennial year (2020-2021) and includes thematic virtual exhibitions; the presentation of several monographic investigations in progress on the multifaceted work of the artist; a compilation of musings and ponderings by Mercedes Pardo about the creative fact and her own work, testimonies of her contemporaries, critics and scholars; and an open call for an essay contest to be detailed shortly, all of which converge towards the construction of a renewed reading of the life and work of Mercedes Pardo, the validity of her legacy, and the contributions of her generation to the forge of the XXth century Venezuela, projected to the XXIst.

Also included in the centenary program is the presentation of an updated and widely illustrated chronology and "life line" on the website of the Otero-Pardo Foundation, where the artistic production of Mercedes Pardo is traversed throughout her fruitful career, including photographs of the artist and her works, as well as a series of videos on specific topics.


The tribute invites the public to revisit Mercedes Pardo’s work, her oils and acrylics on canvas, collages on paper and on wood, prints, monotypes, gouaches and watercolors, stained glass, enamels on metal, wood murals and serigraphs; in addition to sets and costumes for theater and dance, integration of art and architecture, and, in a separate chapter, its pedagogical legacy.

Likewise, the Alejandro Otero-Mercedes Pardo Foundation builds bridges to the universe of documentary archive. A window will be open to interested parties, researchers, curators, students and teachers: the Epistolar Section, for example, will give an idea of​​the authors who exchanged letters with Mercedes Pardo and Alejandro Otero; and an index of the catalog collection of individual, collective and contemporary exhibitions, among other testimonies.