At the first room of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA), the Argentine artist Pablo Accinelli (Buenos Aires, 1983) exhibits Nubes de paso (Clouds on the way), a staging that represents the tools for cleaning, construction and storage. Florencia Cherñajovsky, who wrote the curatorial text of Accinelli’s show, curates the exhibition.


Elusive, cloudy or porous, clouds are masses that obstruct or scatter visible light according to their density. Pablo Accinelli plays with variable densities that oscillate between the featherweight of a clip and the dead weight of a cement bag. Many of his works are crossed by natural elements - particles of dust, molecules of air or water - that slide in the cavities of each shape. Internal and external relationships are established between the materials and their environment between containers and contents, facilitated by different channels that penetrate their work. More than fragmented bodies, perforated bodies lie here. The sustained tension between concrete elements and those more volatile refers us to the theories about the positive and negative space opening up some clues for transiting the polyvalent production of the artist.


After a narrow passage delimited by the walls of the library and the stairs is the basement of the museum. Watertight place, the basement is assumed as such when lodging cleaning, construction and storage tools. This staging of things with altered functionality generates an ecosystem similar to an induced dream that combines and permutes the rules of the game. On the verge of use, the objects remain in a time without work in a quiet non-doing. As Sigfried Kracauer describes in the essay Calico-World:, slow forms that spread out in space resemble an abandoned film set: “A nightmare about objects forced into the realm of the corporeal ... All of an artificiality guaranteed and at the same time true to nature".[Siegfried Kracauer, The ornament and the mass].


The exhibition Nubes de paso entails a hangover from contemporary life. The experience we have is immediate and yet there is a suspicion of something intangible. From gaseous or liquid phases unto more solid forms, the work combines a balance between body and mind through different states of matter.Duración interna/externa(Internal / external duration) or Relación interna/externa(Internal / external relationship), the pieces titles allude to a hermetic research and respond to a lexicon established by the artist to think each piece as a system that, repeated in space, draws a mental landscape. This instrument deployed to infinity measures, as the title of the sample suggests, the temperature of an opaque and uncertain moment.


                                                                                                                            Florencia Cherñajovsky, Nubes de paso Curator,

By Pablo Accineli.