From the close link between money and art, Argentine artist Germán Paley explores the relationship between these two elements. As a result, Neoliberame emerges, an individual exhibition at Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina).

Ph: Lucrecia Gimenez.

Using money as the raw material of his work, Paley establishes another type of possible uses of the ticket: translating into the work the contemporary ritual of daily economic subsistence. Also, the intervention of paper money (from its material, aesthetic, social dimension) dialogues with the present in a particular way, describes the present that generates debt.

As for the visual result, Paley presents the materiality of money-questioning its symbolic value-through embroidery, origami (become "ori-money"), photographs (together with photographer Guido Limardo) and a polyphonic chorus of written notes by other artists (Marina De Caro, Hernan Borisonik, Alejandra Mizrahi, Lucia Hourest, Marina Daiez).

Neoliberame was curated by Guillermina Mongan, Inés Eliçabe and Mariana Moreno. The work will be until September 2 in the Microespacio room of Emilio Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, in the city of La Plata.