In Espacio Ftalo (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Diego Cirulli presents Mutilación (Mutilation). Conceived as a series of paintings, the exhibition reflects on the pictorial medium and its poetic function. The works that will occupy the room since August 2nd oscillate between the show and the concealment. The artist thus proposes a look at the medium, the gesture of the painter, the artist in general.


Mutilación is a group of jobs that tell nothing. They do not hide an ultimate meaning and it would be useless to talk about their genesis or their intention to be. The painting that matters, according to Cirulli, is not based on what is required. The worthwhile painting is one that comes out of praise and illustrates the essence of other possible worlds. “It is the unbreakable axiom of desire, the poison of the supposed processes and the subtraction of the pre-established bonds. In painting there is no place for the melancholy of inheritance, it is a pure and heartbreaking force of irrevocable power in forms, tendons and liquids, ” they suggest from Ftalo Space.

In this way, Cirulli approaches the visitor not the painting itself, but the gesture of the artist. The works of the rionegrino artist pose a deconstruction and dismemberment of everything that has been done. As one who disarms a text and identifies units of analysis, Diego Cirulli builds from that precise place.

The exhibition opens on August 2 and will take place until 30 of the same month.



About the gallery

Espacio Ftalo emerges as an interdisciplinary project with a commitment focused on figurative art. It seeks to expand a territory in which few artists can be visible, precisely as contemporaries. The media that feature the exhibited works include photography, installation, painting and performance.

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