Since Saturday 4th of August, the works of María Leguízamo -La espalda de Algo (The Back of Something)- and Julieth Morales -Kup (Spin) - will cohabitate under the roof of El Dorado Space, in Bogotá, Colombia. Leguízamo’s work counts with William Contreras Alfonso curatorship, and Morale’s by Jenny Díaz and Guillermo Marín.

(Piedras encontradas y Piel  Dimensiones Variables) Molloy - de la serie Piedras de Humo, María Leguízamo,  2014 - 2018

On the one hand, La espalda de Algo explores the wear exerted by time on fragile objects. Through engraving, wood carving or weaving, the Colombian artist dialogues with this tactile degradation generated by nature itself over bodies: to excavate the microscopic depth of a sheet of paper, to unite the viscera of the body with the depth of the city, find water in the midst of what has been molded by fire. In Leguízamo's work, fragility becomes synonymous with dignity and strength. Also, the break, the crack, the leaks and the scars are not seen as the weak points but also open alternatives to the system of organization that governs your life.

On the other hand, Kup (Hilar), the work of Julieth Morales elaborates acts of resistance that start from a relationship of tension with their indigenous identity. Morales is originally from Misak, a town located in southern Colombia. Therefore, this dialectic about the representations of the body among the indigenous communities, has carried out a language that ties together thoughts, readings, dreams and feelings.

Kup (Hilar) consists of participative performances where the artist uses her own body and the women of her own community, thus valorizing the poetry of the female body. In that sense, the works that make up the present show the account in which Morales repairs the link with his territory; appropriating and reactivating the female dimension of the Misak cosmogony, to vindicate the presence of women in community settings. It is then that the work of Morales is a commitment to "NA VERY PIRØ WAN WØTØTRANTRAP SRØTØPA" (recover the land to recover everything).