MACBA presents its 2016 programing with a strong female role

In the International Women’s Day, the Museum presented Ellas. Política -Ficción - Creación [She. Policy - Fiction – Creation], a calendar of ten exhibitions centered on the female figure as the protagonist.

Leticia Obeid. Una de las ertistas incluidas dentro de la programación

MACBA proposes an ambitious timetable than 10 exhibitions with the participation of 37 artists, curators and art professionals: Ellas. Política -Ficción - Creación  [She. Policy - Fiction – Creation] is the title of the curatorial axis that includes Focalicaciones, a cycle where six photographers and audiovisual artists will perform together with the 4 exhibitions scheduled throughout the year.

A series of questions that appear around the political dimension, fiction in its ability to stage the artifice and the various mythologies of creation, were the triggers that led to cut and selection of artistic productions that can be seen throughout the year. They also pronoun is understood as a deictic, a body of senses and processes of appropriation, a universe indicated that finds its identity from each of the curatorial writings and possible readings offered to the viewer.