After a sublime exhibition by Elena Loson at HACHE Gallery, located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo (Buenos Aires City, Argentina), the space inagurates  Piedra, Tijera, Papel (Stone, Paper, Scissors), an individual exhibition by Leticia Oobeid curated by Federico Baeza. The exhibition opens on Thursday, August 9th until Saturday, September 15th.

Sin título, 2018.

Although the work proposed by Obeid for this exhibition is made up of a series of paintings, Piedra, Tijera, Papel emerges precisely from a video made in 2017. In that year, a contemporary opera directed by Franco Panisello made a performance at the main auditorium of the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, in Madrid. The opera was accompanied with a video of Obeid. The exhibition inaugurated by HACHE, precisely, is the reworking of that audiovisual material as a process of encounter with painting. 

According to the Argentine artist, the work explores the paleontological beginnings as an amateur practice guided by the pioneering inventiveness in the relationships between science and a set of artisanal crafts that even today stage it, more broadly, in the ways in which we make it intelligible by means of the inscription temporalities that overflow our human experience.

In relation to the formation of Obeid as an artist at the University of Córdoba, Federico Baeza expresses in the curatorial text of the exhibition that his processes and forms of production distinguished him from the rest of the artists of his generation. "This way, perhaps without knowing it, I fled from the stridency of the resounding, dramatic gesture, so associated with those temperamental painters of the 80s with whom I had studied at the University of Córdoba", writes Baeza at the beginning of his text and closes, at final, comparing it with his current work: "Once again they are small sheets, convenient formats that can be easily moved and deployed. I imagine them as the result of re-tearing those other drawings of a still fresh past. When digging, these other strata of brighter, more vivid colors appear. Tinted with an intense chromatic atmosphere, like that of childhood memories that are confused with dreams or hallucinations".