From Saturday 3 of August, the Argentine artist Jorge Macchi (Buenos Aires, 1963) will present the Cámara Traslúcida (Translucent Chamber) in the Ruth Benzacar gallery. Through alutions to the history of art, cinema, the dream world, literature and music, Macchi puts perspective and meaning in doubt. The objects and images that he will present make the established visual order strange, giving rise to new spaces and connotations.

TRain, Jorge Macchi.

Macchi operates by superimposing images and the ability to pass through the object looked at. The title of the exhibition is given by an installation, Translucent Chamber, which will be located in the center of the gallery: a deteriorated brick room. Macchi's proposal is to force the viewer to change the path within the space and, in turn, discover unusual perspectives. The room is inaccessible, but it does allow spying. A painting that oscillates between concealment and the visible lies within.

On the other hand, the exhibition also includes some sculptures such as Portal (2019), Mamushka (2019), a series of watercolors and the videos Himno (2018), TRain (2019) and Thriller (2019); the last two made in collaboration with the musician Edgardo Rudnitzky with whom Macchi has worked on numerous occasions, including the artwork The Ascension (2005), which took him to the Venice Biennale that same year.

Cámara Traslúcida opens on August 3rd, after the recent closure of Coming Soon! exhibition, by Leandro Erlich.