Intimate Cartographies: An Approach to Interpersonal Relationships

From June 20 to August 10, the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) in Washington will present Intimate Cartographies: an approach to interpersonal relationships project.

Fotografía de Celeste Ortiz

The exhibition will consist of contemporary photography by outstanding artists from the Organization of the American States (OAS) member states Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela, and OAS permanent observer states Italy and Spain.


As part of the OAS’s Secretariat of Hemispheric Affairs, AMA aims to highlight the four OAS pillars-- democracy, human rights, security, and development—through the visual arts of its member and observer countries. 

Both, cartography and photography are similar in the way that they originate from a naturalistic reality. But this representation is not exact, it is mediated. Depending on the technique and means used, the representation will be subjective. The images in this exhibition hold a subtle informative quality, closely connected with the lyrical documentation of Walker Evans, "where many of his landscapes were not documented but created by him." In its subtle and poetic way of transmitting the cardinal information, the selected images refer to a place that did not always exist, and that is not necessarily a physical place, contributing to the creation of a personal and intimate cartography by the viewer.

Among the artists that will star in this show are Marcela Bruna, Vicente González Mimaica y Celeste Ortiz, from Chile; Alicia Caldera, from Venezuela; Eduardo Carrera y Xavier Martín, from Argentina; Carol Espíndola, Paco Orbú, Claudia López Ortega,  Antonio Lozano y Javier León, from Mexico; Giulia Lacolutti, from Italy; and Silvia Varela, from Spain.