Galería del Paseo opens ANANAY, Edi Hirose solo exhibition

 On Wednesday 30th, the Peruvian photographer Edi Hirose inaugurated his solo exhibition ANANAY at Galería del Paseo, in Lima.

"Baños", de Edi Hirose

In 2007, Edi Hirose was awarded with the Magnum Foundation Fund prize for a documentary series that the artist made in Ananea, Puno (Peru). The single exhibition that takes place at Galería del Paseo until July the 6th brings together these documentary images.

ANANAY makes a critical interpretation over the economic progress of Peru. Through the photographs, Hirose seeks to generate questions in relation to the Andean space, climate change and the accumulation of toxic waste, as well as other concerns related to the persistence of informality in the extraction of non-renewable natural resources.

The Peruvian economic boom, consequence of the mining activity and working class-mainly- led to the photo-documentary to track the Peruvian Andean territory and its transformation over time.

With the delicacy of a craftsman, Hirose spent the last decade analyzing the symptoms of Peruvian society to find situations that trigger judgments about the social issues involved in the (economic) progress.

Ananea, the region that Hirose photographed for his ANANAY Project houses La Rinconada city , well known for its important mining activity and a significant inmigration growth caused by the recent gold fever.