On August 25th , at Bergamin & Gomide Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil), Estratégias Coceituais (Conceptual Strategies) inaugurates: a collective exhibition that covers all the work carried out during the 60s, 70s and 80s, period in which military dictatorships were established over most Latin American countries. Curated by Ricardo Sardenberg, the exhibition can be visited until October 20.


Estratégias Coceituais is made up of works by forty-two Latin American artists who places a special emphasis on the moments of the most political repression of South America. Likewise, there is an effort to highlight the deterioration of political discourse, partisanship, censorship, communication and, above all, public space dismantling.

Thus, the story that makes up the show is inserted within the framework of the artistic scene of that time: art as a tool for resistance. From then on, the Latin art scene took a counter-cultural course of great influence in contemporary movements.

Sardenberg explained: “Rooted in their local contexts - primarily with the idea of means of production within the context of underdevelopment -, they sought not only to disseminate knowledge, but also proposed new ways of generating knowledge, without creating specific formal movements, thus being recognized as 'conceptual artists’. However, fully aware of the formal ‘dematerialization' concept and the theories of information and communication, the artists presented here introduced content as political, poetic, pedagogical and communication intervention action. Coming from various ideological backgrounds, the conceptual strategies of that time were first based on local context (usually political and confrontational), then on the context of an underdeveloped Latin American and, finally, on a ‘global insertion strategy’”.

Artists: 3NÓS3, 
Adolfo Bernal, 
Anna Bella Geiger, Anna Maria Maiolino, Antonio Caro
, Antonio Dias
, Antonio Manuel
, Artur Barrio, 
Beatriz González, Carlos Zilio, 
Cildo Meireles, Clemente Padín, Décio Noviello, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Eugenio Dittborn, Felipe Ehrenberg, Graciela Carnevale, Guillermo Deisler, Grupo CAYC
, Hélio Oiticica, Hudinilson Jr.
, Ivens Machado
, Jac Leirner, 
Jorge Caraballo
, Julio Plaza
, Lenora de Barros, León Ferrari
, Letícia Parente, 
Liliana Porter,
 Luis Camnitzer, 
Luiz Alphonsus, 
Lygia Pape
, Marcelo Brodsky, Montez Magno
, Paulo Bruscky
, Regina Silveira Regina Vater
, Roberto Jacoby, Umberto Costa Barros, Victor Gerhard, 
Victor Grippo and Waltercio Caldas.