Montevideo - The new podcast channel is developed entirely by the ESTE ARTE team, curated by Laura Bardier and led by Elisa Valerio, and is part of the Cultural Program of the ESTE ARTE International Art Fair, with activities and cultural programs developed throughout the year.


ESTE ARTE launches ESTE PODCAST to expand the scope of its content in preparation for its seventh edition, which will take place in January 4-8 2021 at the Centro de Convenciones of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Founding Director Laura Bardier assures that “The ESTE ARTE format has once again confirmed an extremely positive feature, in all its aspects. From a logistical point of view, we have managed, in a short time, to establish an action plan and a series of protocols, following the recommendations of local authorities, as well as the World Industrial Association. Naturally, as usual, each detail will be planned and resolved considering the safety and good of the public, the exhibitors and the entire work team.”


Generating content and distributing it to the public has been one of the main objectives of the ESTE ARTE team since 2015. With the launch of ESTE PODCAST, the fair continues to move towards in democratizing culture and professionalizing the visual arts in the region.


Being the only channel in Uruguay dedicated exclusively to the visual arts, ESTE ARTE's proposal is a program that offers practical information on professional development, work methodologies and advice to help artists, gallery owners and collectors make the best decisions.

According to ESTE ARTE’s director, Laura Bardier, "the launch of the podcast channel is part of the fair's cultural program, and is another step towards the development and professionalization of the visual arts in the country. It is part of the fair's mission to promote plurality, while spreading the importance of producing useful, clear and easy-to-share information.” She goes on explaining that “It’s about creating bridges, establishing lines of communication, between countries in the region. We believe in dialogue, in sharing experiences and knowledge, and we are interested in strengthening cultural ties within the Latin American community, between countries with related challenges and opportunities.”


The first phase of the program presents a series of personal interviews with different personalities of the art ecosystem. In each episode, a gallery owner, collector or curator is introduced, and from a professional and personal point of view, the different roles and functions that make this complex system work, strengthen and professionalize are given voice. ESTE PODCAST contributes and energizes the Uruguayan and regional art system.


ESTE ARTE is an international art fair on a human scale with strong regional roots that presents an attractive cultural agenda. The fair offers an artistic programme that ranges from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, generating a powerful art exhibition for the region, as well as for international visitors. The exhibitions house a carefully selected group of prestigious contemporary art galleries. With young and established galleries, the fair aims to be the place where collectors can find works by established as well as emerging artists.

In addition, it supports the development of an inclusive art market, encouraging exhibitors who represent artists from minorities, be it ethnicity, race, religion, disability or gender identity. The fair also offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the work of each gallery and its artists.

ESTE ARTE contributes to the field of art through public talks, debates, academic conferences and the publication of articles, creating a space for dialogue between artists, collectors and curators. It can be said, then, that ESTE ARTE is a cultural point of reference, where South American art meets, exchanges ideas and thrives.

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